Isn’t it about time you caught up with Old Friends?

How long has it been since you’ve spent some time with “Old Friends?”  If it’s been while, consider yourself invited to find “Old Friends” somewhere around town.  Of, course, we’re talking about Tom Dimock, Jim Hull and Tim Emmons, the unique musical trio “Old Friends.”

Long before the word “Friends” became synonymous with the hit television show, a band by that name had established itself as one of the most popular in NY’s Southern Tier.  Now, three of the original members of “Friends”, which pioneered the Binghamton area’s “unplugged” explosion a decade ago, are back with a slightly altered name, a new and improved sound and an expanding repertoire.

The original “Friends” was born quite unexpectedly in the humble, yet charming environs of Carnsie’s Irish Pub, where Jim Hull was performing twice weekly his acoustic alternative to the thumping drum machine programs and synthesizers ruling pop radio in the mid-1980’s.  As word spread that 70’s-style folk/rock was alive and well on the city’s east side, musicians – including Tom Dimock – came to sit in.  Those weekly jam sessions spawned “Friends.”

Fast-forward a few years…

“Old Friends” offers an acoustic folk/rock foundation with many elements of Celtic and Irish music, country, pop, and rock n’ roll.  Jim and Tom have been joined by former band mate Tim Emmons and the three share lead vocals, a la’ Crosby, Stills and Nash.  Jim handles rhythm guitar and many of the demanding vocal impersonations.  Tom excels on fiddle, guitar, mandolin and banjo.  If threatened with a Guinness cut-off, he’ll also pull out the tin whistle.  Tim is a very talented keyboard player, guitar picker and certified Foosballian.

Over the years, these musicians have built a solid following and reputation in the greater Binghamton area, packing clubs beyond capacity in clear violation of local fire codes.  With the home turf comfortably secured, the band is branching out regionally, with festivals, fairs and other special shows in addition to keeping local bar owners absolutely swimming in cash.

So, if there’s something missing in your life – and you’re feeling down and blue – maybe it’s time you spent an evening with “Old Friends.”

What the Critics are saying:

    “I laughed, I cried…then I left.” 
            - A woman who took a wrong turn on her way to another bar and stayed for two songs.

    “This is the best band ever!”  - Jim’s Mom

    "I'll sure be glad when this warm-up act is through and the good band starts!"    - Jim's Dad